Maluku SPICES History

Afonso de Albuquerque learned of the route to the Banda Islands and other 'Spice Islands', and sent an exploratory expedition of three vessels under the command of António de Abreu, Simão Afonso Bisigudo and Francisco Serrão. On the return trip, Serrão was shipwrecked at Hitu island (northern Ambon) in 1512.

     The Dutch arrived in 1599 and competed with the Portuguese in the area for trade. The Dutch East India Company in course of Dutch–Portuguese War allied with the Sultan of Ternate and conquered Ambon and Tidore in 1605, expelling the Portuguese. A Spanish counterattack from the Philippines restored Iberian rule in parts of North Maluku up to 1663. However, the Dutch monopolized the production and trade in spices through a ruthless policy.

     The spices and any others agricultural products of Maluku and Ternate is still existed today, as a world historical heritage of spices. Rey Tigra Gold as company of family business with any others local farmers around Maluku and Ternate is offer you the products of spices (clove, nutmeg, peppers, etc…)  and copra “Kopra” (coconut oil and copra meal) right on your country port. Rey Tigra Gold vison other than business is to preserving the world history of spice trade.   

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Clove Powder

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Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

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100% Indonesian Spices

As a place of origin extraordinary quality of spices in the world, Maluku and Ternate become a famous area of Republic of Indonesia which play important role in the world spices trading history. From trading and war story become a nation history of Portuguese, Dutch, and Republic of Indonesia.

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