Copral Meal

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Stok: 500000

Berat: 1000 Kg

Sejak: 17-01-2023

Bungkil Kopra  “COPRA MEAL” is a residual form of Kopra expeller process which contain proteins and another nutrient that very useful as the alternative sources for animal feed, especially cattle, swine, and horses.  Our copra meal product is processing with extra quality checking and handling from the Kopra selecting process, expelling, drying, to packaging process as the reasons our copra meal product come with lower level of moisture (< 2%) and high level of protein (> 25%). With low level of moisture (< 2%) it can prevent issue of Aflatoxins, Fungus, and any others moisture problems that can affecting to the animal digestive systems and stay safely in the storage and shipping process. 

With high level of protein and natural fat as nutrient for animal feed, our copra meal product is very recommended for daily meal in fattening program for cattle or swine and extra energy supply for your horses, then it can increase the economy value for the meat product. 

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