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Stok: 500

Berat: 1 Kg

Sejak: 19-01-2023

Our Nutmeg seed is origin spices product from Ambon (Maluku), Indonesia. Special spicy taste and aroma of high quality of Nutmeg seed, by 14 days drying process and others special handling so the Nutmeg seed inside the shell become very optimal dry (< 10% water content), and as the results our Nutmeg products become low risk by appearance of aflatoxin and fungus. We offer you three types of Nutmeg seeds products, one type with the shell, and the other two without shell.

Without shell types: 1). Whole Nutmeg ABCD with a smooth surface texture of nutmeg seeds, whole round, no crack, and pore-less. and 2). Nutmeg SS / Shrivel Nutmeg seed surface texture is wrinkled, irregular round shape, no crack, and pore-less.

Oval Nutmeg is available in cheapest price and variety.

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